About Blondes

Welcome to Oh God, Blondes! Our passion for fashion inspired us to create this blog about Style & Beauty as our way to express ourselves and how we feel to our friends and followers. We think that all of us have different styles,  casual,  sporty, and most of all it reflects our personality because if we are happy we dress colorful but if we are sad or we’re not feeling good, we choose darker or unexpressive colors. It’s like being an actress in a movie and have different characters and roles. You feel good, sexy, beautiful, comfortable, a bad girl or a princess. And as a quote says : “Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.” Fashion means to put our signature on the things that we wear and the way that we live. We, women always try to change something about us, to have something new and fashion really gives us that chance, sometimes even to change yourself, because if you keep on changing your style you also change your way of thinking about fashion. Besides this, we think no matter how we dress, everybody is unique in their way, even if that clothe is in fashion or not! XO, erer Edwina & Brigitte


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