Our story..


So today I’ve decided to write a little about my friendship with the best friend/sister in the whole world..

I know her since 5th grade but somehow we didn’t spoke until 7th grade.It’s crazy but that was the situation because we were both friends with other persons,and yea I can say that with the wrong persons.Well on a sunny day in 2006 at the beginning of 8th grade the miracle happened.The funny part is that we were in front of a church and it was like there we would have vowed to be together forever..

A band appeared in 2006 and well it seems that we were both fans of the same band so this was the topic that made us talk more and more.After that we got to know each other step by step and we started to hang out really much.PS:she was the first girl to whom I’ve been at sleepover and it was really awesome!!<3 and of course that I am still going;)

Of course that it wasn’t easy cause there were some persons who were jealous and they tried to make everything possible to break our friendship.Yea we had fights,I think approximately let’s say 10 but of course that those fights were forgotten(I hope so:P )and we continued our PERFECT friendship.It is a perfect friendship and yea these things really exist..we are very close to each other she is like my sister,she is like me and she was always there for me when I had problems and she helped me a lot,she can’t even imagine how much..and I thank this to her and that she always understands me.

It’s been almost 8 years since we are sisters;)and we have been through a lot together,good and bad things,well ok not that bad but we had some hard times,but everything turned out good.

I can’t imagine anymore my life without her..and it’s awesome cause we share the same dreams and we can really speak about everything and I am sure that there is no other person like her,she is really unique..well at least for me;)

Sometimes people think that we are weird or crazy because we laugh to much or because we know how to have fun but we don’t care cause we have each other!!Well I think it’s enough for now but I have one more thing to say:

I love you really much Edwina and I hope that this friendship will be forever cause anyway you can’t get rid of me;)

XOXO your girl Klaudia 😉


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